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In Season


Closed for the Season



Local Seasonal Produce


In the Fridge



Soda and Teas

Wide selection of old fashioned sodas, teas, and ciders in glass bottles.

Fawn View Farms


Out of stock until 2022 Peach season

Broom's Bloom

Cheese Curds

Variety of seasoned cheese curds from Broom's Bloom Dairy.

Brooms Bloom

Fresh Milk

Out of stock until 2022 Peach Season


In the Freezer

Local, pasture based


Angus Beef

Stewart Ridge Farms

Variety of cuts of prime Angus beef. Antibiotic and hormone free.


Stewart Ridge Farms

Variety of chicken cuts.
Pasture raised in small batches.
Antibiotic and hormone free at all stages of life. 

Ice Cream

Broom's Bloom

Large variety of the best locally made ice cream! 
Available by the pint and the quart. 


Always In Store

McCutcheon's Preserves and Baking Mixes

Assorted meat sticks, jerkies, and sausages.