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Are dogs allowed?

Unfortunately do to new policies, dogs can not be inside the market or in the orchard.

Are peaches available for PYO?

No, we do not do PYO peaches. However we do PYO apples and pumpkins in the fall. Plus a free farm zoo for the kids!

What methods of payment do you accept? / Do you accept EBT?

Cash, Credit, Check, and Farmers Market Vouchers.
We do not currently accept EBT cards.

Do you grow all the produce?

We are busy growing all the stone fruit, pumpkins, and apples! So we leave the produce to our neighbors, who are experts in their fields! We get in only the freshest and best local produce.

Why are my peaches hard?

We do not pick peaches green! Much like bananas, peaches go through a natural softening process. We pick the peaches while they are tree ripe (ie. just past green) while they are firm. Otherwise, the peaches would be a bruised mess before reaching the shelves. Let peaches set for a day or two and they will soften right up.

How should I keep my peaches?

We recommend storing peaches in the fridge unless you want them all to soften at one time. Simply pull out a few peaches a day or night before you would like to use them.

Are you an organic orchard?

We do practice integrated pest management to limit the amount of spray we use, and are very conscious of our environmental footprint. We follow the fruit growing plan put out by Penn State Agriculture. 

Other local spots?

Food: Buon Gusto, Delta Pizza, Delta Family Restaurant, Peach Bottom Inn, Slate Brewery, Eats n Sweets, Royal Farms

Activities: Susquehanna river, various hiking trails, Eden Mill, roadside stands

Can we visit the orchard outside of hours/season?

No, we do not offer visitation outside of regular store hours. Nor do we allow off-season visitation. The orchard is a working farm and we need to know where people are at all times for safety and efficiency.


After Hours Photography

Please see our new photography policies, as unscheduled after-hour visits are no longer permitted.

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